Wastewater Treatment in Potato Processing

In the potato processing industry large amounts of water are needed. The raw potatoes from the field need to be cleaned first. In a scrubber sticking field residues, stones and other extraneous matter is removed. The resulting wastewater contains both organic loads and a high load of silt and sand. Wastewater from the subsequent peeling process mainly contains peeling residues. If hot water is used in pre-treatment such as cooking or blanching, swelled starch is added to the wastewater.

  • Wastewater Treatment Potato Processing
    Wastewater Treatment Potato Processing
  • Potato Processing Industry
    Potato Processing Industry
  • Wastewater Treatment Food and Beverage
    Wastewater Treatment Food and Beverage
Wastewater Treatment in Potato Processing
Potato Processing

Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Production

We offer tailor-made wastewater treatment that meets the requirements and processes of the potato processing industries and allows for using pollutant loads as recyclable material. In the mechanical treatment, for instance, slit, sand and potato particles are separated in a way that suitable fractions can be used as fodder.

After the mechanical pre-treatment both an anaerobic conversion for biogas production and an aerobe wastewater treatment and nitrification are possible. Our plants for wastewater treatment offer process stability during seasonally changing loads; rest periods are no problem for our plants either. Full capacity is reached within only a few days after restart.

Case Study Potato Industry

Customer Friweika eG, Germany
Industry branch Food industry, potato processing
Year of construction2012
  • 4 x TFR industrial
  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • 360 m³/d
  • Influent COD = < 3,500 mg/l
  • Effluent COD = < 1,000 mg/l
Wastewater Treatment in Potato Processing

Case Study Potato Processing Industry

CustomerGrocholl (Kalben/Milde, Germany)
Industry branchFood industry, potato processing
Year of construction2010

Grocholl processes raw potatoes to various convenience products. All accruing wastewater is treated in 3 TFR industrial bioreactors after a mechanical pre-treatment. The degradation of dissolved starch and seasonally highly fluctuating wastewater loads are special challenges in this company. After installing the DAS TFR bioreactors our client is saving sewage charges.

Treatment steps DAS
  • 3 x TFR industrial
Additional treatment steps
  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Homogenisation
  • 230 m³/d
  • Influent COD = 5,500 mg/l
  • Effluent COD = 1,200 mg/l
Wastewater Treatment in Potato Processing
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